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We help Organizers of interesting and useful meetings 😎

Everything for organizing and conducting online group meetings
  • Creating 

  • Moderation

  • Security

  • Grouping a series of meetings into a product

  • Re-registration of participants

  • Selling

  • Creation of advertisements

  • CRM for speakers

and much more... 

  • We are helped by our Chat-Bots, which are always with you in your messenger and solve all your questions

  • We are an assistant, advisor and tool of Meeting Organizers, we care about your comfort and success

  • We are the new meeting moderation market. where everyone can be useful and earn 

  • We are a team that 24/7 provides system operation and technical support to all its participants

In principle, we exist in every messenger, but today we actively work in Viber and Telegram

Choose your messenger



Moderation of the meeting - UAH 350 for 1 hour of a simple meeting:
  • The difficulty of the meeting is determined by the Organizer independently 

  • We recommend that all meetings with more than 40 people be considered complex

  • If a meeting is determined to be complex, the hourly cost of such a meeting is doubled

Marketing package - UAH 580 per month:
  • Grouping meetings into sales funnels

  • Management of closed channels and groups

  • Package prices for moderation - substantial discounts when purchasing 10+ hours of moderation

 and much more...​

There is a free trial month!

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